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The Song From Kasargold Is Released

Kasargold is an exciting film that delves into the world of gold smuggling, brought to life through the vision of director Mridul Nair. The stellar cast includes Aasif Ali, Sunny Wayne, Vinayak, Deepak Parambol, Malavika Srinath, Sriranjini Nair, Siddique, Dhruvan, Abhiram Radhakrishnan, Prashant Murali, Sampath Ram, Sagar Surya, and James Elia, each adding their unique touch to the narrative.With a gripping storyline and notable action scenes, Kasargold promises a stylish cinematic experience filled with unexpected twists. Niranj Suresh and Arjun Ashokan lend their voices to the film’s music, composed by Niranj Suresh and co-composer Vishnu Vijay. The engaging soundtrack is complemented by lyrics penned by Vysakh Sugunan.Sarigama, in collaboration with Mukhari Entertainments and Youdlee Films, has taken up the production reins for this captivating venture. Co-producer Sahil Sharma, along with the talented team including cinematographer Jebil Jacob, screenplay and dialogue writer Sajimon Prabhakar, editor Manoj Kannoth, art director Saji Joseph, makeup artist Jitesh Poiya, and costume designer Mashar Hamza, ensure the film’s visual and narrative excellence.

The crew also features cinematographer Jebil Jacob, editor Manoj Kannoth, art director Saji Joseph, makeup artist Jitesh Poiya, costume designer Mashar Hamza, and still photographer Rishad Muhammad. The promotional aspects are expertly handled by Rajeesh Ramachandran for stills and SKD Design Factory for ad art. Sound design by Ranganath Ravi and background score by Vishnu Vijay add depth to the overall cinematic experience.Acknowledging the collaborative effort, chief associate director Sunil Karyatukkara and production controllers Vinosh Kaimal and Pranav Mohan play crucial roles, ensuring a seamless production process. The film’s design and PR are managed by Yellowtooths and Sabari, respectively, rounding out the dedicated and talented team behind Kasargold.

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