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Kannur Squad Garnering Enthusiastic Audience Reviews As It Enters Third Week Of Screening

As ‘Kannur Squad,’ featuring the esteemed  Mammootty, strides into its third week, it continues to be applauded by audiences globally. The film is on a trajectory towards a staggering 70 crores in collections worldwide, a testament to its widespread popularity. With a screening presence in over 300 theaters in Kerala for the third consecutive week, the film’s success seems relentless. This venture marks the fourth film produced by Mammootty’s own production company. ‘Kannur Squad’ has captivated audiences in more than 100 screens during its third week in regions such as Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and North India. The film is also making notable strides in international markets, including GCC, US, and UK, with fast-filling shows and promising collections.

Directed by Robbie Varghese Raj and scripted by Ronnie and Shafi, ‘Kannur Squad’ is elevated by the musical compositions of Sushin Shyam. The stellar cast, including Mammootty, Kishore, Vijayaraghavan, Aziz Nedumangad, Dr. Roni, Sabreesh, Arjun Radhakrishnan, Deepak Parampol, Dhruvan, and more, has contributed to the film’s success since its release on September 28.Various key members have played pivotal roles in bringing this cinematic creation to life, including Executive Producer S.George, Cinematographer Muhammad Rafil, and Editor Praveen Prabhakar. The film also benefited from the expertise of a skilled production team, making ‘Kannur Squad’ a commendable cinematic experience for its audience.

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