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Thalapathi Political Entry Driven By A Deep Grudge Seeking Revenge Against The Varisu Movie

As the politics of Tamil Nadu gets confused, the political leadership in Delhi is increasingly divided. The rift between the Tamil Nadu government and the governor and the arrest of the Tamil Nadu minister by the ED have worsened the relationship between the Modi government and the Stalin government. Meanwhile, the BJP state president Annamalai’s moves are disturbing the sleep of the Stalin government. Annamalai is making serious allegations targeting the Chief Minister’s family. The DMK leadership believes that Annamalai, who is also a former IPS officer, is involved even behind the ED raid in the state. As the state elects 39 Lok Sabha members, Tamil Nadu is crucial for the BJP as well as the opposition grand alliance. Anna DMK is split and their power is waning and the challenge for BJP is.

Without a strong Dravidian party in fertile ground for Dravidian parties, the BJP central leadership fears that it will face a setback if it faces elections. At the same time, an unexpected rival emerged for the DMK, which secured its victory in the collapse of the Anna DMK. It is none other than Dalapati Vijay. After long rumors, it is now certain that Vijay will enter politics. What remains to be seen is when that will happen. This is a country where 90 percent of Vijay fans who contested won when they campaigned by highlighting only Dalapati’s photo in the local elections. That is why political parties are taking Vijay’s move seriously. If Vijay enters politics, the calculations of all political parties will definitely be wrong. We also need to realize that this is a country where film stars MG Ramachandran and Jayalalitha are the Chief Ministers.

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