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Vijay’s says about Trisha, Fans clapped after hearing Vijay’s words

vijay about trisha

Actor Vijay’s words about Trisha at the successful celebration of Leo directed by Lokesh Kanakaraj have taken over the social media now. They continue today in energy and beauty, Vijay asked the fans that now you will understand who I am talking about, when everyone is waving like this, you will notice how they waved, she is our young spearhead, Trisha, congratulations to you, Vijay looked at Trisha and said.

The fans applauded loudly after hearing Vijay’s words about Trisha, both of them have acted as a pair in many movies, Vijay and Trisha combo is a combo that everyone likes, now Vijay and Trisha Jodi’s movie Leo has reached over 500 crores at the box office and the movie is still doing great in theaters.

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