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Vijay Plays as 19-Year-Old Boy In Thalapati 68; Crores Are Spent For His New Look

The movie with the tagline ‘Thalapati 68’ is the latest film directed by Venkat Prabhu and starring Vijay. The film is being made in the genre of science fiction. Director Venkat Prabhu’s film marks the first time that Dalapathy Vijay will play the lead role.

Reports indicate that Vijay may reach the age of nineteen in Venkat Prabhu’s Thalapati 68. Vijay will arrive as a nineteen-year-old Flashback. It is also reported that Vijay’s film will be a traveling concept. There are also reports that Thalapati 68 is a remake of the 2012 Hollywood sci-fi film Looper.

Anyway, Vijay will certainly be in a huge makeover in this film. It is clear from the reports of some film media that the makers of Thalapati 68 have decided to spend around six crores to make Vijay 19 years old. There are also reports that digital de-aging technology will be adopted for the film.

The de-aging technique used by Hollywood films frequently became an active discussion among South Indian film lovers after the news of ‘Indian 2′. The de-aging technique is used for characters including Kamal Haasan in that film. But some media says that after spending a huge amount of money, Vijay will get prosthetic make-up in the film and make him look like a nineteen-year-old.
De-aging is the visual effect of showing the age of the characters in the film with the help of technology. It was common to find look-alikes to portray the actors’ pasts, or to switch scenes to black and white. The help of make-up was also used. In de-aging technology, the character’s youth is recreated and experienced.

Malayalam actor Jayaram is also playing a lead role in Thalapati 68 along with Vijay. It was also confirmed earlier that Meenakshi Chaudhary will the Heroine. Reports also surfaced that Malaysian actor Yugendran is coming to the film.

Prashanth, Prabhu Deva, Ajmal Ameer, Sneha, Laila, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Mohan, Yogi Babu, VTV Ganesh, and others are also part of the movie. The music is by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Cinematography is handled by Siddhartha. Dilip Subbarayan will be directing the Stund. The film is produced by S Entertainment.


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