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Morning Show For Vijay  Film ‘Leo’ Unavailable In Kerala

In a recent update, it has been confirmed that the highly anticipated film “Leo” starring Vijay will not have a morning show in Kerala as originally planned. This decision comes as a result of the cancellation of the early morning show in Tamil Nadu, prompting the need for adjustments in the show timings in Kerala as well.Originally, fans had organized a marathon show scheduled to start from midnight on October 19, but this plan was subsequently withdrawn. Reports indicate that the show in Kerala will align with the timing of the show in Tamil Nadu, likely starting at 9 am. The rationale behind this decision is to maintain suspense and industry anticipation for the film, ensuring a simultaneous release in both states.

Girish, the owner of Sreepadmanabha Theater and organizer of the fan show in Thiruvananthapuram, emphasized that starting the show earlier in Kerala would require permission from the film’s producers. Currently, there is no finalized agreement on the timing for the show.However, starting the show at 9 am could pose challenges, allowing for a maximum of four shows on the first day and potentially causing significant losses for suppliers. Distributors in Kerala are actively engaging with the producers and the management of Vijay Makkal Iyakum to find a suitable resolution. Fans in Kerala have also appealed to Vijay Makkal Iyakkam’s management to consider starting the show at least at 6.30 am to accommodate their enthusiasm and excitement for the film.

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