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Mammootty Incredible Acting Prowess Shines In His Portrayal Of A Fan Boy In This Viral Video

Many movie stars come to share the joy of being lucky enough to be Mammootty behind  Kunchako Boban. Kunchako Boban also says that he is among the lucky ones. Chakochan revealed to the audience that rare moment by sharing a video of Mammootty taking a photo. Now Chakochan has shared the super click of the star. Chakochan shared the video as a fanboy moment, Megashooter. Megastar is making Chakochan famous. Before this, Chakochan shared with the photographer Mammootty. Mammootty also took pictures of his son Isaac. It was all viral on social. Chakochan also shared a picture of Mammootty copying the picture of his son Isaac.

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