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At first Mammootty was not cast in the role, Jayaram opened up about the thrilling truth.

Actor Jayaram has made a grand comeback to Malayalam with the film ‘Ozler’. With the cameo of Mammootty in the film directed by Mithun Manuel, the film is set to gather people in the theatres.
Mammootty’s guest role in Osler was much noticed. Jayaram has revealed who was considered for this role before Mammootty.
“When the question arose as to who would play the role of Mammooka Alexander, the names of Sathyaraj, Sarath Kumar and Prakash Raj came up. The names of people from the Kannada and Telugu industries also came up. Osler’s story was told to Sathyaraj. And he liked it very much. While sitting like this, Mithun goes to meet Mammooka very randomly.

Mammooka asked what is the story of the film with Jayaram. He will ask everything. He will ask and understand everything that is happening in the world, not just here.He felt interesting when he told the story. He asked me to do that character. Mithun said oh no no no no if you do it no big burden. I just asked. Mammooka said that I can do it. I’m playing the title role, doesn’t he say Mammooka can come and act in it? Maybe he said it only for me. He asked Mithun if he would go and ask again. So Mithun went to ask for the second time and Mammooka said that I will come and do it. That’s how it happened” – said Jayaram. Even Suresh Gopi was considered for the role, the actor openly said.

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