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For Once In My Life, I Have Called Vapachi By Name; Dulquer Salmaan

Dulquer Salmaan is the favorite young actor of Malayalees. Dulquer Salmaan is also an actor who raises his star status with every film. The actor is shining as one of the proud stars of Malayalam having achieved great success in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. He Is a Pan-Indian Star from the Malayalam Industry. Now one such interesting incident that Dulquer Salmaan shared earlier is getting attention. Dulquer’s statement about calling Vapachi and Ummachi once again is getting attention through social media.

Dulquer Salmaan says that such an incident happened at the airport. “For once in my life, I have called Vapachi by name. Once at the airport, something serious was going on between Vapachi and Umma. It’s time for boarding. I tell them to come, let’s go. But neither of them listens. I told my child and wife. If you wait any longer, they will close the gate.

Finally, I said ‘Mammootty, Sulu, let’s go’. Dulquer Salmaan said this in a recent interview on a YouTube channel. At the same time, it is doubtful if there is any other actor who has shone in so many languages ​​at the same time like Dulquer. Today Dulquer Salmaan has fans all over India. Dulquer Salmaan has become a suitable South Indian star.

Dulquer Salmaan entered the cinema under the label of Megastar Mammootty’s son, but Dulquer Salmaan achieved all the achievements in his career due to his talent and efforts. At the same time, King of Kotta was Dulquer’s last film. The film was not as successful as expected.

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