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Mammootty Celebrates His 72nd Birthday, Turning Back The Age Clock In Malayalam Cinema

Mammootty, the legendary Malayalam actor, marked his 72nd birthday with a heartwarming display of love from his dedicated fans. As the clock struck midnight, despite heavy rains, enthusiasts of all ages, from young children to middle-aged individuals, gathered in front of Mammootty’s residence to extend their heartfelt wishes to the beloved actor. Mammootty’s enduring passion for acting and his ability to defy the passage of time continue to captivate Malayalam audiences. Over the years, he has graced the silver screen in a staggering 400 films, portraying diverse roles as the hero, antagonist, and co-star. His unwavering commitment to his craft has rightfully earned him the title of an irreplaceable actor in the industry.

Throughout his illustrious career, Mammootty has embraced challenging characters, constantly pushing his boundaries to attain excellence. His journey in cinema began with a single scene in the 1971 film ‘Anubhanul Panchakal,’ directed by K Sethumadhavan, as a junior artist. Today, he stands as the iconic face of Malayalam cinema, known far beyond the borders of Kerala.Mammootty’s initial breakthroughs came through his collaboration with KG George. Notably, in 1980, he portrayed the role of bike jumper Vijayan in ‘Mela.’ His remarkable talent earned him his first Kerala State Film Award for Best Supporting Actor in ‘Ahimsa.’ While early critics had raised questions about his acting range, characters like Balan Mash in ‘Thani Avartana,’ Chanthu in ‘Vadakan Veeragatha,’ and Varunni in ‘Mrigaya’ effectively silenced those doubts.

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