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High Court Halts Trial Proceedings In Ivory Case Involving Mohanlal

The High Court has intervened, putting a halt to the trial proceedings concerning the ivory case implicating actor Mohanlal. This stay order affects the Perumbavoor Magistrate Court proceedings for the next six months. Mohanlal had been summoned to appear in court next month for the trial, following a directive by the Perumbavoor Magistrate Court last month. However, the High Court’s stay order has suspended further legal actions in this matter.

Notably, the magistrate court rejected the state government’s plea to withdraw the case, emphasizing that such a move would be contrary to public interest. The case stems from the discovery of four ivory tusks at Mohanlal’s residence in Thewara during an income tax department investigation.The origins of this legal issue trace back to 2011 when the Revenue Department initiated a case concerning the illegal storage of ivory found at Mohanlal’s residence in Ernakulam. The case was subsequently transferred to the Forest Department. Last year, the Forest Department filed a charge sheet in the Perumbavoor court, naming Mohanlal as the primary accused in the ivory case.

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