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Director Atlee Aspires To Submit Jawaan For An Oscar Nomination

The film “Jawaan,” helmed by Atlee and featuring Shah Rukh Khan, has been garnering attention and praise in both the South Indian film world and Bollywood. Atlee, optimistic about the film’s global appeal, shared his aspiration to submit “Jawaan” for consideration at prestigious award ceremonies like the Oscars. In a conversation with E Times, Atlee emphasized his eagerness to showcase “Jawan” on an international stage and mentioned his intention to discuss this prospect with Shah Rukh Khan.

When asked about the possibility of bringing the film to platforms like the Oscars, Atlee responded confidently, stating, “Surely it will happen if all things fall into place. Everyone who worked on the film, from the technical staff to everyone involved, dreams of Oscars, Golden Globe, and National Awards. I aim to position ‘Jawaan’ for an Oscar nomination. Let’s observe how things unfold. I will also approach Shah Rukh sir and ask, ‘Sir, can we take the film to the Oscars?'”


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