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In empty caves,rotting bodies and skeletons.. ‘Lalettan’tells about scary experience in Gunakev.

Directed by Chidambaram with young actors in lead roles, Manjummel Boys is getting great applause. Manjummel Boys illustrates the group that went on an excursion to Gunakev and the depth of their friendship. Chidambaram has filmed the real incident. The fans are sharing good reactions about the film. Many people share about Gunakev. Gunakev is once again thrilling the minds of adventure travelers.

Mohanlal, the star king of Malayalam, also likes to travel a lot. The actor takes trips during the breaks between the busy shooting. Mohanlal himself has shared about his love for travelling. His method is to search and find each place. He used to say that there is no need to decide anything and let the journey happen. Gunakeve is a favorite place for adventure lovers. Guna Kev is also the talk of the town as the Manjummel Boys are winning the hearts of fans. Now Mohanlal has also shared his experience of visiting Gunakev.

Geologists say that this place has reached its present state due to erosion of hills and valleys. Kodaikanal, Munnar and Wayanad are among the plateaus that emerged and formed 55-60 million years ago. Wonders are happening not only above the ground but also below. The deeper we go into the Guna Cave, the more darkness comes and engulfs us. Many places are swampy. It was cold. A mixed smell of wet rock and stagnant air. Light coming through the upper gap often does not reach the bottom. Mohanlal says that the sight he saw when he walked forward through that darkness with the help of a local resident and lit a torch will be remembered even in future lives (if there is such a thing).

Two entwined skeletons. Just beyond is the decayed churidar. The remnants of any fallen or fallen calamities. If you fall here, there is only death. No one knows even if he is dead. The body does not decay so quickly due to the cold. They lie in nature’s mortuary for months and sometimes years. The laborers who went down those roads say that there are so many dead bodies like this lying half-decomposed and bone cages in the lonely corners of Kodaikanal. Most are women. Bangles, churidars and ornaments are scattered.

The restless spirits that perished in the depths must have mingled with the white smoke rising from the devil’s kitchen. When you look at it like that, the fog clusters in Kodaikanal are scary. Then Laletan shared his experience of visiting Guna Cave saying that the beautiful Kodaikan can be scary.

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