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For the Sixth Season, Bigg Boss Returns. Who is on the list?

It’s been six years since Bigg Boss started in Malayalam. Bigg Boss Telugu, Tamil and Hindi are the most popular reality shows. Now it is the turn of Bigg Boss in Malayalam. Earlier, it was reported that the sixth season of Bigg Boss Malayalam will start in March. Another thing is to have no contact with the outside world. 100 days without a phone or internet. But there are a lot of people who are up to this challenge. Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 is finally coming to an end. As part of the launch of the sixth season of Bigg Boss Malayalam, a new LoGo Asianet has been launched. In LoGo, which is made up of many wheels, it is written six by lightning. Bigg Boss fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the show.

The audience says that if there was a fire last year, this time there will be lightning. At the same time, from last month, there have been updates that Bigg Boss Season 6 is coming. With this, various Bigg Boss pages have also become active. And there are many names in the list of contestants. In any case, BB Logo has arrived earlier, unlike last year. The show is expected to begin in mid-February 2024. But an official confirmation is yet to be made in this regard. The makers are busy selecting the contestants for the show. Many lists have already been published. The names of many people, including Mala Parvathi, are being heard.

From the serial world, the names of Jeethu Venugopal, Beena Antony, Anshita Anchi and Diana Hameed are being said. It is also heard that Jeethu Venugopal’s name can be confirmed very much. Jeethu Venugopal made his acting debut with the serial Seetha Kalyanam. Anoop Krishnan, Dhanya Mary Varghese and Renisha Rahman, who acted in that serial, were present in each of the previous seasons. The list of social media influencers is long. Sai Krishna is the owner of a YouTube channel called Secret Agent. Let’s hope it’s someone like Asla Marley, Jasmine Jaffer, Santhosh Varkey, who is called Arattanan. It is heard that Shilpa Bala, Aishwarya Rai’s lookalike Amrutha, Nayana, Parvathy Babu, Abhishek Sreekumar and Revathy, who used to review the Bigg Boss show, are in the list. Sabu Mon, Akhil Marar, Dilsha Prasannan and Manikuttan are the four winners of Bigg Boss Malayalam. Now we have to wait and see who will win the title.

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