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Global Earnings Of Jailer Comprehensive Final Collection Report

Jailer, a film featuring the iconic Rajinikanth, has garnered immense success, surpassing all expectations and solidifying his status as both a mass and class hero. The unique aspect of this success is its widespread popularity across the nation, captivating fans from every corner.

Recent figures from trade analysts at Moviemeter have sparked lively discussions among fans regarding the final collection report of the Rajinikanth starrer, Jailer.Reportedly, Jailer achieved extraordinary earnings, totaling Rs 635 crore. In Tamil Nadu alone, it raked in a staggering Rs 205 crore, followed by an impressive Rs 88 crore from Andhra Pradesh, and Rs 58.50 crore from Kerala. Karnataka contributed Rs 71.50 crore to the film’s earnings, while other regions of the country accounted for Rs 17 crore. Additionally, the film’s international appeal shined as it collected a remarkable Rs 195 crore from overseas, further contributing to its unprecedented success, as outlined by Moviemeter’s analysis.

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