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Reimagining Chentamara Poovin A Vibrant Theyyam Song Unveiled In Chaveer

In Kunchacko Boban’s movie ‘Chaveer’, the theyyam song featuring ‘Chentamara Poovin’ has captivated audiences with its awe-inspiring visuals. The song, characterized by mesmerizing lyrics, music, and vocals, has left a lasting impression on viewers. Social media is buzzing with discussions, especially regarding Antony Varghese’s portrayal of Theiyath in the song.With music composed by Justin Varghese and lyrics penned by Harish Mohanan, singers Pranav CP and Santhosh Verma have delivered the Thotam Patt style song, adding to its unique charm. Placed strategically within the movie, this song has garnered widespread attention and appreciation post the film’s release. Its popularity is evident on platforms like YouTube, where fans are praising the song’s lyrics, music, and visual sequences.

Notably, ‘Chaveer’ showcases Kunchacko Boban, Antony Varghese, Arjun Ashokan, and Manoj KU in roles distinct from their previous endeavors. The movie vividly portrays the intense lives of individuals who go to great lengths for the sake of their beliefs and the party they stand for. The song ‘Chentamara Poovin’ encapsulates the essence of the movie, further contributing to the buzz and discussions surrounding this compelling cinematic experience.

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