From Blockbusters To Hidden Gems 2018 Continues To Impress Audiences Today

The 2018 Everyone is a Hero film directed by Jude Anthony, based on the great flood that shook Kerala in 2018, received a great response. The audience who saw the film said that they cried in the theater. In short, it is undoubtedly the best movie I have seen this year. An intense film that gives complete satisfaction both technically and performance-wise.A must-see in the theater itself. That was the feeling. A comment reached social media that Tovino, Asif, and Sherik lived on even though everyone did well in the performances.

No one will say that there is no good content and quality movie this year. Such a great movie, with a great star cast and great roles for all. Another viewer opined that the second half was haunted by the making of the whole time without a single lag. Very good making. The water level and underwater sequences are awesome. The scenes of the fishermen coming with the boat and the helicopter rescue are harrowing scenes. Great movie, Judd has shot the movie brilliantly. Asif Ali and Chakochan are good actors. The music is great. Tovino Super is a technically very good film, the making of which is a must-see in the theater, some people have commented on social media.