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Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the wedding of Suresh Gopi’s daughter, Bhagya, at Guruvayur Temple.

For the past few days, details related to the marriage of actor and politician Suresh Gopi’s daughter Bhagya Suresh are going viral on social media. Bhagya’s wedding celebration lasted for a week. The wedding celebrations started with a lot of celebration. The details and pictures of the ceremony including Sangeet and Mehndi were viral on social media. Bhagya’s marriage took place in Guruvayur temple this morning.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mohanlal, Mammootty, Dileep, Jayaram, Khushbu, Menaka, Biju Menon, Chippi, Samyukta Verma and other notables of Malayalam cinema attended the event. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was present throughout the wedding ceremony, blessed the bride and groom. It was the Chief Minister who took away the money for Bhagya and Varan Shreyas. Suresh Gopi and his wife Radhika took their daughter by the hand to the hall. In connection with the Prime Minister’s visit, the ceremony took place in the temple town amid tight security. The ceremony was held in the Kalyana Mandapam of the Guruvayur temple. Bhagya dressed up for the most important day of life in a simple look. Taraputri wore an orange saree on her wedding day. It has to be said that only a choker, jimiki earrings and two bangles that matched the saree were worn as lucky ornaments.

Suresh Gopi’s daughter’s wedding is the biggest star wedding Malayalam cinema has seen in recent times. With the pictures of Bhagya’s wedding day going viral, fans are surprised by the simplicity of Suresh Gopi’s family. Suresh Gopi is an actor who has a lot to cover. Therefore, the audience thought that Suresh Gopi and his wife Radhika would bring their daughter in gold to tie the thali. In the same way, the audience thought that Suresh Gopi Bhagya, who takes the lives of his daughters, would have filled his hands and neck with jewels. But nothing of the sort happened. Bhagya wore only a choker for the thaliket and two necklaces and two bangles for other functions held in the auditorium. Perhaps this will be the first time that a star daughter will appear for a wedding in such a simple look. The luxury of celebrity weddings is reflected in the jewelry, ceremony hall and attire. But for Bhagya’s wedding, Suresh Gopi and his family were very simple.

Bhagya is generally not obsessed with pomp and fashion. That’s why moderation in everything is blessed. Recently, actress Radha’s daughter actress Karthika’s wedding surprised everyone with the jewelry worn by the bride. Karthika wore jewels that made her eyes yellow. Days before his daughter Bhagya’s marriage, Suresh Gopi had presented a golden crown at the Lourdes Mata Church. After that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was presented with a gold medal by the actor, which was also in the news. Bhagya did not pay much attention to jewelry, except that she dressed well in pre-marriage sangeet and haldi functions. The wedding reception will be held at a private convention center in Guruvayur.

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