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Everyone wants to understand the suffering of all the influencers:Lintu Rony

Lintu Rony is an Indian television and film actress. Though she is not active on social media, her pictures are currently going viral. Lintu Ronnie has taken a break from acting. The baby was born recently. Lintu has also been sharing details on social media about the baby who arrived after years of waiting.

Lintu has shared all the details since she became pregnant. Lintu’s dad and mum had arrived in the UK ahead of her grandson’s arrival. The actor has shared new pictures on Instagram. In the new reel, the actor says that he wants to understand the suffering of all the influencers. In the video, she can be seen putting on her make-up and lying next to her sleeping son as if she doesn’t know anything and then waking up in the morning and going out with the baby.

In addition to calling herself a drama queen, Lintu also credits her son Levi with acting without remuneration. Many people came with comments under the video. Lintu is currently in India as part of the New Year celebrations. The actor shared pictures from the sets. In the latest post, Lintu has added that the journey that starts from Mysore is moving towards another sea shore.

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