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Shobhana to attend BJP’s public meeting,Will Shobhana now transition from Dance to Politics?

Shobana is the favorite actress of Malayalees. She is currently a social media star. A few days ago, when Shobana came to attend a public event of the BJP, comments questioning Shobana’s political stance began to appear on social media. It is rumoured that Shobana, who has so far only talked about the dance world and acting, will enter politics. Shobana is a person who does not hesitate to express her opinion all the time.

Earlier, in an interview with a women’s magazine, Shobana had said that she is not afraid to voice her opinion. At a time when Shobana’s political inclination and political entry are becoming a topic of discussion, this old interview is also becoming viral again. What Shobana said on that day is now going viral. Shobana says that she did not hesitate to express her opinion at a time when everyone was hesitant to comment. Why are you afraid to voice your opinion? I’m the one who decides what to wear. There may have been people in the industry who were against talking like that. But my parents supported me. There was a scene in one of my films. When I told the story, I didn’t. They agreed to it. But in that scene, he was cast in the role. When the movie came out, my father had a problem with it. It is not right to do so without my permission. All I can do is feel comfortable. “I have never had a bad experience in Malayalam. Now I don’t like to see that Shobana who used to be the favorite heroine of Malayalam cinema on TV. I think he could have done a little better. I feel it even when I watch Mani Ratnam’s film, “Shobana said in an interview. 

The actress said that she has a lot of dreams. I have been wanting to do a documentary on Bharatanatyam for years. It needs good funding. The actress said that all the readers should help her. Apart from acting and dancing, she loves to write. The actress said that pens are her weakness and she has a huge collection of them. Then the actress gave a clear answer to the question of why she keeps her daughter away from the media. “Why am I bringing my daughter in front of the media? She’s a normal child. That’s the only reason, “he said. Shobana, who took a long break from films, made a comeback with the film Varane Needu. The film starred Dulquer Salmaan, Suresh Gopi and Kalyani Priyadarshan in the lead roles.

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