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Tribal Man

Amazing Story of the Tribal Man Who Who Cycle From India to Europe for Love’ is a passionate story about a poor young tribal young man driving a cyclist from India to get a feminine look. But basically this is a passionate travel.

Tribal Man


It is a story of a poor young man traveling from Sweden to India to look at the pedigree
‘The Amazing Story of the Man Who Cycle from India to Europe for Love’. With astonishment, we read in front of love ranging from fairy tales to fairy tales. The story revolves around Pradyumakumar or PK, who was born in Orissa, a border crossing gorge. In the 1970s, PK was forced to flee to Delhi after suffering hunger. PK, who is interested in drawing up, is sitting in the streets of the city and drawing portraits to find living things. Meanwhile, Indira Gandhi’s private secretary suddenly found Pui’s artistic experiences and took him to Indira Gandhi. Peekay appeared in the newspapers but the poverty did not change. PK, who was engaged in a painting by the founder of the Oriental Connappless, saw Madamma, a beautiful woman. Sweden’s Lotha was a dream come true for India. The Vedas and Yoga have been in mind in the minds of the latter who had been in India for years.
In the Lotha where he was sitting in front of him, he was attracted to the pain. Within a few days they approached. He spent many nights along with Lota in his unpleasant chicken room, PK. After a vacation, Lot went back home. She has promised to come back and earn money again. One year passed. They were in contact with correspondence. But Lotha could not afford a return trip to India.

When life was deepened, the fool made a decision-go to the road to Sweden! At that time, India and Nepal were the ‘hippies’ tourists from Europe. Turks from Iran have arrived in Iran from various countries and traveled to India through Afghanistan and Pakistani cars, vans, bikes and cars. Some of them are asking for the primary things of travel and buying a bicycle first made by PK. And then, the dolls earned 80 dollars, two pants and two shirts in the bag. In a good morning, a cycle started to cycle through Delhi. Even though we know that Lovita is a Swedish lady, even though she has a country in Sweden, she did not know. Switzerland understood that Switzerland is Switzerland. Switzerland and the cycle were also on the Wagah border in Amritsar. Pakistani troops blocked Pakistani border when they crossed the bicycle with the help of the Pakistani passengers crossing the border into Pakistan. Then he took the bicycle and picked up the jeep and picked it back to the wagon.

A visibly injured soldier said he was unintentionally handed over by a soldier. Pakistan’s gate was behind the back of the Pakistani pirate. But after that, he met an old acquaintance PK, Jain, in Amritsar. Jain, who worked in the foreign ministry in Delhi, told him: “Leave Cycle here and take a flight from Kabul to Afghanistan and buy a new bicycle from there. A German gunman who was going to Europe in the past also confessed to PK’s cyclist Kabul.

PK’s first flight. The flight started to fly. With his chest, he remembered Lotus in mind. Then came the notification: the machine was a machine gun. Still going to land in Amritsar. Can you stay on the journey? But the passengers then stayed in the hotel room and the flight left again the next day, to Kabul.

Kabul. The city was crushed by the explosion of terrorists. Blasts, hundreds of deaths. But the Kabul was not that kind. Passengers from Europe to India were ‘stop over’ and beautiful Kabul city. A colorful city with English style coffee shops and nightclubs, nightclubs and backpackers’ hostels. Volkswagen Vans, which carries the goods and travels to India. Glacier mountains are covered with backgrounds.
When reading this book, I learned something else. By that time, there were buses from Europe to India. Many of the buses were placed on the board of Delhi and Kathmandu to see PK on his trip to Kabul and Iran. A board seen in a hotel in Turkey is as follows: The bus leaving for the rest of Delhi has four seats. Those interested would be able to book a seat here. On the days of Kabul, he took a picture of a portrait and made money for him, and caught him cycling in the Gulf of Iraq. A Swiss Switzerland in a road accident was also brought to hospital. She later succeeded in Switzerland. Pakistan crossed the border through Kandahar. Iran was a very modern time. “Iran has to look at the richness of prosperity. A people dressed in beautiful clothes. The cars are all of the cars on the roads. People with good health. The luxurious sophistication is made to rest in the busstops on the roadside. Freezing machines that get cool juice and free on the road … writes Paul about it.
By the time Iran entered Tehran, Caspin, the Turks had changed three cycles. In some places, some of the places where the pike was loaded in the van, including the bicycle, helped to get back home.

PK came to Istanbul through Istanbul and continued to link Lotham through the letter.
A new world has been opened in front of Europepiece. In the epicenter of the artists, there is a growing culture for artists. Rich in portrait in many cities, rich.
The cycle ride through Austria and Germany through Denmark. So the police seized on the train in the final round of the journey. The Swedish police swore that they would not be able to access an Indian citizen who was traveling with dirty clothes in their country. The policeman kept silencing that he was the husband of a Swedish woman named Lota. Pakistani police believed that the documents were not produced. Only a bribe has to be paid for that!
Lotha and Peek met at a hotel room in Gothenburg, Sweden. Peak was the advisor of the Ministry of Culture and Culture of the Swedish government. He is also a cultural ambassador in Orissa’s Sweden.Leta still lives in a sprawling farmhouse with his girlfriend, who loves India. There are two children, Emily and Siddhartha. India is also a life for children. Every year, the PK family is visiting India. When reading this book, I thought that the peak of Afghanistan and Iran was worse than Paki’s cycling trip. And what about the easy way to get the road from Europe to India? For the first time in modern times we went from London to London and we went to China only 14 days. Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran would not have even 14 days to go to Europe, let’s open the boundaries, let the people continue their journey to other cultures, or even live in the world.

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