This video of a little birdie will make your day


Babies are adored for their adorableness and innocence, which shine through whenever they engage in amusing yet fascinating behavior. Now, this also applies to the animals’ young, who frequently win hearts after their recordings go viral and elicit “Aww!” from online users. A recent video of a bird playing peek-a-boo with a woman won fans’ hearts since they couldn’t get over the cute bird being so happy and cheery!

The little duck could be seen playing with the owner while hiding behind a beverage in the video. A few seconds after the video started, the bird was seen as it rose to make the adorable, happy “peek-a-boo” sound. The tiny chick that had been hiding behind the soda can reappeared to play a game with the woman in the background of the camera. The little yellow bird didn’t only play peek-a-boo; toward the end of the video, she started whistling, which caused her caretaker to start laughing uncontrollably.


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Internet users adored the way the little bird amused its owner by playing a silly game. Not only that, but the little duck forced them to continuously play the adorable video! Seeing the glee on the bird’s face, a user wrote, “this is one of those videos you can come back to when you’re down, just seeing the joy on the birdie’s face, I’m convinced they know they’re having fun”, commented a user. Another one wrote, “The peekaboo is great but that whistle down and up is the cutest.”

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