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Thursday September 21, 2023 : 4:50 PM
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56-year-old woman’s video from gym goes viral

With just one video, social media has the capacity to inspire millions of users. About four years ago, a 56-year-old woman started having severe knee and leg discomfort. Her son, who owns a gym, conducted in-depth research on treatments and determined that his mother needed to start exercising. She began her path towards exercising at that time. She started weightlifting and powerlifting exercises with her daughter-in-law after that, which helped her feel better and kept her in shape. Since then, people have shared her incredible journey, which is now becoming viral on social media.

The reel has now collected over 93k views on Humans of Madras. Netizens said they were inspired by the lady to begin their workout journey. Humans of Madras and Madras Barbell jointly posted the Instagram story of the woman exercising in a gym. She now serves as an example for thousands of others who consider keeping up their fitness on a daily basis. Humans of Madras also published the same video along with some further information on the lady in the post that followed.

The video was captioned: “She’s 56. So what? She wears a saree and casually does powerlifting & pushups! Age is just a number – rightly proves one of the powerful, (young by heart), inspiring mothers-in-law. Her dedicated & supportive daughter-in-law works out with her regularly too. Isn’t this called ‘growing with each other’?”

“I’m 56 now and still continue to work out. Even your attire shouldn’t stop you from doing what you wish to do! My daughter-in-law and I work out regularly. I was 52 when I first hit the gym. It all started when I was diagnosed with severe knee and leg pain,” the text in the video reads.

“My son researched a lot about the treatment and suggested me to start doing exercise. He owns a gym Madras Barbell. I, with my daughter-in-law, do powerlifting, squats, etc. Yes, it cured my pain. We, as a family, keep our bodies fit and healthy,” it added.

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