Google Ranks First In Best Paying Tech Companies For Employees

Google is among the best-paying tech companies. It is said in the report released yesterday that Google is paying high salaries to its employees. Google’s salary has been released by Business Insider. In 2022, people received an average of $279,802 in compensation, according to the report. The salary scale for various positions in the company was revealed, according to a source citing an internal spreadsheet shared among Google employees. Software engineers are the highest paid at Google. The maximum base salary in 2022 is $718,000.

The data includes information from more than 12,000 US workers. The list includes software engineers, business analysts, and salespeople. Looking at the data, the 10 highest-paid positions in engineering, business, and sales at Google all have six-figure base salaries. Interestingly, Google’s compensation structure includes stock options and bonuses. The highest base salaries at Google in 2022 are Software Engineer (5.90 crore), Engineering Manager (3.28 crore), Enterprise Direct Sales (3.09 crore), Legal Corporate Counsel 2.62 crore, Sales Strategy 2, 2.8 crore and 2.6 crore. Government Affairs & Public Policy (2.56 crore), Research Scientist (2.53 crore), Cloud Sales (2.47 crore), and Program Manager (2.46 crore) are also on the list. This data is based on US full-time employees only. This does not include salaries from Alphabet’s other ventures.

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