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Update Whatsapp Status and earn Money ……

Update Whatsapp Status and Earn Money…..

Can not believe it? If there is no doubt. Update status and to earn money …

The latest application, “Status Money”, is now available in the Play Store. The application has been installed in a lot of people within a few minutes. This is the only app that can update the status and earn money in the applications up to now.

status money

status money

This app comes with many features like status updates, saving and sharing. Moreover, we get the money provide these services. When this application is shared to someone, they get 20 points, video updates and sharing a video to Whatsapp gets 5 points and 1 Point get you watch the each video. Thus, when you complete 100 points, app provide you a 1 dollar (Indian Rs. 70/-). One dollar is complete, you can withdraw money either by phone Pay or by Paytm. In the beginning a dollar gain of the lowest point. But the number of app installers is large within a short period. So, the possibility of differentiation at this rate is much higher.

How to Use Status Money App;

First of all, install the Status Mani app from the Play Store.

Select the register option and set the username and password set.

Then enter the ref code : 34dxbn3 and enter the app.

After that please try to updates and share videos ..

Download app now: Click Here


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