DO NOT Be a prey to social media, Know the truth! Keralites can never kill Elephants or animals

Malayalis can never kill Elephants or animals, Know the truth..

So before pretentiously sympathizing the Elephant Issue, Read this:
•The Elephant died in Mannarkkad Forest Division Palakkad and not in Malappuram.
•The issue happened on the 27th of May and not yesterday.
• The Fruit that the Elephant ate was a trap for Wild Boars preventing them from destroying the Crops.(not even the boars are injured in this technique)
• The Elephant was in pain so it went into a river , soon the other people there came up to help the Elephant, they tried their best to bring it out of the water , they even brought two other elephants to pull her out of the river.
• Both forest Department and police have registered the case and investigation is going on.
• The people there wasn’t aware that the Elephant was Pregnant until they did a post-mortem.
Most important “Nothing was on Purpose”
The most important thing the North Indians Here have to know is ” to first read or know about the whole matter before coming to any conclusion”
You people have made the whole situation more worst for Kerala by insulting the state to the core.
Throwing big big lines ” literacy doesn’t come with common sense”
“Kerala no more a God’s own Country ” and what not.
It is really depressing to know about the whole incident , we aren’t defending our selves instead making things clear for other states who is carrying a great misunderstanding regarding us Keralites.
The people who are sympathizing over the Death of an unborn Elephant baby , where were you when the Government granted the permission for aborting babys upto 6 months.
Is it that human Babys don’t matter to you people.
Being a Malayali , it was really depressing seeing the reaction of people without knowing the whole situation.
It was like everybody got a Golden Opportunity to bring Kerala down.
The states where dogs are raped , thrown from a building, burned to death on PURPOSE have no right to talk about Kerala.
Specially when the whole world is aware what Elephants mean to Kerala.
If you don’t know, let me tell you.
“Elephants are a sign of Pride to Malayalis”
So no Keralites will ever harm a Elephant or any animals.
– A Malayali
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