India’s third instance of monkeypox again in Kerala


On Friday, a 35-year-old man who had returned to Malappuram from the UAE on July 6 was discovered to be afflicted, marking India’s third instance of monkeypox. The Kerala health minister claimed that after being brought to Manjerry Medical College Hospital on July 3 with a fever, he started exhibiting symptoms on July 15. “His family and close friends are being watched, “Veena George, minister of health, stated.

Three cases of monkeypox in the state have now been confirmed, according to George’s office. They continue to have “good” health “. The second case of monkeypox, which had a history of contact with a case of the illness in the United Arab Emirates, was reported from Kerala’s Kannur district on July 18. A man from the Kollam area of the state who had also just returned from the UAE had tested positive for the virus on July 14.

After the nation reported its second instance of the virus illness, the Union Health Ministry on Monday ordered thorough screening of all international travellers entering airports and ports to reduce the potential of monkeypox importation. The Union health ministry took notice of the incidents, convened a conference to evaluate safety procedures, and recommended states implement stringent screening to “minimise danger of importation of monkeypox disease,” according to a statement from the ministry.

“They were advised and re-oriented in the clinical presentation of monkeypox disease as per MoHFW’s ‘Guidelines for Management of Monkeypox Disease’. They were also advised to coordinate with other stakeholder agencies like Immigration at international ports and airports to streamline health screening processes besides ensuring suitable linkages with hospital facilities earmarked to each port of entry for timely referral and isolation,” the statement read.

In the meantime, Kerala was placed on high alert when the second case of monkeypox was found. Karnataka, a neighbouring state, has also made the decision to intensify monitoring efforts and maintain a high level of vigilance. It has directed all of the districts in the State to guarantee adequate preparation and take necessary measures in accordance with the Centre’s guidelines.