An attempt is being made to portray Sanju as a bad fielder, Manikuttan says

portraing Sanju as a bad fielder

Manikuttan is the favorite young actor of Malayalees. Manikuttan is as active on social media as he is active in movies . The actor often expresses his views on various issues in the society in line with the events of his life. Now Manikuttan has thanked young cricketer Sanju Samson. Manikuttan shared the post by sharing the picture with Sanju.

Manikuttan made the comment through his Facebook post. Here is the full text of Manikuttan’s Facebook post. ‘Dear Sanju, Let me start by saying a thank you, thank you so much for encouraging even my father, who is not much interested in cricket, to change his favorite channel programs on the day the Rajasthan Royals play and watch the IPL. As a Malayalee, I am proud to be a Thiruvananthapuram native who has been able to meet and talk to Sanju many times over the popularity of the game of cricket, even among Malayalee families. ‘
‘I’m also a fan of cricket. As a cricketer, as a mature person, as a good man, I like Sanju like all Malayalees. Those who shine in every field will see a good time and a bad time. Sanju’s performance in the first two matches gave the impression that this IPL would belong to him. But unfortunately for some reason it could not continue in the subsequent games. But there is no doubt that Sanju will make a strong comeback in the upcoming matches. ”After the first two games, many who raised Sanju to his knees are now in front of him to criticize him. This is something that is present in every field. It is not easy to grow as a Malayalee country knows. There will be protests. There will be preventive moves. It will come not only from the opposition but also from those who are with it. ‘
portraing Sanju as a bad fielder
‘Among the advertisements shown between IPL matches is a mirror company advertisement. One of the commercials shows Sanju and Amit Mishra missing a catch. Amit Mishra looks at Sanju angrily as he turns around. Those who see it in general do not feel anything special. It’s not that I ‘m not good at it, it’s that I’ m not good at it. But I wonder if there is an attempt to make Sanju one of the best fielders in India by showing him the rare miss catch in the form of advertisements over and over again. ‘Have you ever wondered how annoying it is to see such an advertisement coming in after Sanju has put up a great fielding performance for the Rajasthan Royals? Can advertisements not demoralize the stars? So many brands are doing good advertising. In a situation where someone like Dhoni has left the field, it is not polite to demean someone who is likely to take the position. Sanju is not said to be a replacement for Dhoni. So I don’t think anyone can replace anyone. ‘
‘Tendulkar, Dravid, Dhoni, Yuvraj, Sehwag and Ganguly are legends. No one can replace them. Sanju has his own identity. It is just that we have to give maximum support to Sanju to come forward in it.
I have personally experienced resentment and jealousy towards the North and South. When you go to play CCL (Celebrity Cricket League) it is obvious. It has seen the efforts of many to keep Kerala from coming forward. At one point I got out of control and got to the point where I had to horn in public with a team. That day I realized that no one can see with us. And let me tell you another experience. ‘

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