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With that I said bye to Mammooka and I was going back from there, Omar Lulu

omar lulu about mammootty

Omar Lulu is a director who has made a huge impact among the youth. Omar Lulu is a director who makes films based on their stories in a way that the current generation likes. That is why Omar Lulu is very popular among the youth. But in an interview, Omar Lulu opened up about the bad experience he had when he went to Mammootty to tell his story. Omar Lulu says that he will never forget the experience he had at Mammooka. According to his words, he once called Mammooka’s manager, George, and said he was going to Mammooka to tell the story of one of his films.

But he will never forget the experience he had when he went there. Because Mammooka was sitting there. There are many chairs lying in front of Mammooka. Still, Mammooka didn’t even ask me to be together. How can he remain silent in front of a big man like Mammooka. That’s why I told the matter to Mammooka. We talked for about ten minutes. But not once did he ask me to sit down. It was a great shame for him. It was the time when my song Freak Penne was a hit. Mammooka asked me all about it.

Still he did not ask me to sit down. I spoke in front of him for ten minutes. Finally I said ok mammooka bye and said goodbye to him and went back. Omar Lulu said that the story of the film was not told. Asked by the presenter if he thought he did it on purpose, Omar replied that he did not know. Omar Lulu says that maybe Mammuka did it with the good intention of testing me but it was an experience he will never forget in his life.

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