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Watch Evegreen Hit Song OOttipattanam By Mohanalal and Revathy in a GULF Program !!

mohanlal and revathi stage show

Led by Mohanlal With Sukumari, Nedumudi Venu, Monisha, Vineeth, Revathy, Innocent, Vineeth, Alleppey Ashraf and M G Sreekumar. The stage was lit 3rd time in the year. It is something with no parallels, considered as a reference for stage shows. The sad demise of actress Monisha within days after arriving from Dubai after the shows still remains as a haunting memory. A classic stage show, the vcd/dvd of which are most sought after 16 years!


Watch Vaa Meham song performnance by Monisha and Revathy from Mohanlal Stage Show 1992.

Evergreen Photos Of Mohanlal and Revathi

revathi and mohanlal

revathi and mohanlal

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