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Urvashi reveals her dreams

Urvashi is very popular with the audience. The actor, who entered the cinema at a very young age, had already acted in many films. All the films that he acted in gained the attention of the audience in a very good way. The truth is that it didn’t take long for Urvashi to become a very popular star not only in Malayalam but also in Tamil. The actor acted in many films in a short period of time. The actress also got the chance to act as the heroine of many superstars. The actor was able to achieve all that by acting well.

The actor has already acted in many films. The actor acted in more than seven hundred films. The remarkable thing is that they were all great characters. Urvashi’s interviews all get special attention from the audience. Now, what Urvashi said in such an interview has caught the attention of the audience. Tanik wants to play an evil villain in his film career. But she has not played such a role till now.


But although he has played jealous characters who cause quarrels and family feuds, he has not yet played an evil character who is a seasoned villain. Urvashi says that she likes to do different characters and that’s why she has a lot of desire to do such a character. When they say villain character, they will be able to beat the hero. But Urvashi also said that many people think that only men can play this role.

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