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I was scared because I didn’t get any call even after three days of the shoot


It can be said that there is no movie lover who does not know Rajinikanth. Rajinikanth is a star who has many fans not only in Tamil cinema but also here in Kerala. The actor has acted in many films. Rajinikanth became a superstar in Tamil cinema very quickly. The actor’s dialogue and style were unmatched. That is what amused the fans more. The actor has already acted in many films. Rajinikanth is ready to endure any hardship for the success of the film.

Jailer is Rajinikanth’s latest release. Rajinikanth played the best role in the film. Now what the actor said about the movie has caught the attention of the audience. The director is the most important part of a movie. Film directors are like the captain of a ship. Even directors create superstars. He took a break from cinema because good stories did not come.


But it was Kannan of Sun Pictures who told me that director Nelson has a good story in hand and to give it a listen. So when I finished listening to the story, I liked it a lot. He decided to do this film because I liked the story even though it has some violence. He only told the director that he would act in this film in a way that would not cause embarrassment to others. Kavalaiya song was shot in six days. I didn’t get any calls for the first three days. I had only one scene with Tamannaah. Rajinikanth said that Tamannaah is the one who is full in that song.

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