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Charles Enterprises Movie Review

Creating excitement for a story that is built on a fragile foundation can indeed be challenging. In the case of Charles Enterprises, directed by Subhash Lalitha Subrahmanian, the story revolves around a young man facing financial struggles while attempting to establish his own venture. However, the process of developing this idea into a script is burdened with predictable and occasionally irrelevant sequences. When constructing a story, it is crucial to captivate the audience and keep them engaged throughout the narrative. One of the primary ways to achieve this is by presenting unique and unexpected elements that pique the audience’s curiosity. Unfortunately, in the case of Charles Enterprises, the predictability of the plot hinders its ability to generate excitement. To address this issue, the director, Subhash Lalitha Subrahmanian, should consider injecting fresh and innovative ideas into the script. Introducing unexpected twists, conflicts, or unconventional character developments can add depth and intrigue to the story. By deviating from the anticipated path and surprising the audience, the narrative becomes more exciting and captivating. Additionally, it is important to ensure that every sequence in the script contributes meaningfully to the overall story arc.Irrelevant sequences can detract from the main plotline and diminish the audience’s interest. Subrahmanian should critically evaluate each scene to determine its relevance and impact on the story. Removing any unnecessary or tangential sequences will streamline the narrative and maintain the audience’s engagement. Ravi Kumaraswamy, our main protagonist in Charles Enterprises, suffers from peripheral vision loss a medical condition that affects his eyesight. Ravi resides with his devoted mother, Gomathi, who deeply believes in Lord Ganapathi. Their ancestral home proudly houses an idol of Ganapathi.The story takes an intriguing turn when a team expresses interest in purchasing the idol for a substantial sum.

In order to create an exciting movie, it is essential to have solid and believable conflicts. However, in Charles Enterprises, the only obstacle our struggling hero faces is retrieving the idol from a car parked outside his house. Moreover, the size of the idol isn’t significant enough to draw attention. Director Subhash Lalitha Subrahmanian attempts to elevate this task into a major challenge by introducing various hurdles like vigilant neighbors and CCTV cameras. Unfortunately, these obstacles lack conviction, failing to make the audience truly believe in the magnitude of the task. Towards the end, there is a sequence where Kalaiyarasan’s character, Charles, tries to hide from Gomathi, played by Urvashi. This extended comedic setup reminiscent of Priyadarshan’s style feels unnecessarily stretched, and the potential problem of Gomathi discovering Charles doesn’t seem significant enough to justify the humor. Balu Varghese, portraying Ravi, delivers his role in his typical style, effectively conveying Ravi’s confusion and lack of confidence. Urvashi is a convincing choice for the role of Gomathi, showcasing her impeccable comedic timing. However, the film fails to fully utilize her talents. There are one or two comical sequences, but they appear forced as if they were added simply to showcase Urvashi’s comedy skills. Kalaiyarasan, in the titular role of Charles, effectively captures the roughness and compassion required for the character. The inclusion of Guru Somasundaram as Ravi’s discreetly appearing father feels unnecessary. Abhija Shivakala, Manikandan Achari, Sujith Shanker, and others also make significant appearances in the film’s star-studded cast. In summary, Charles Enterprises revolves around Ravi’s struggles, his medical condition, and the potential sale of the family’s Ganapathi idol. However, the conflicts presented in the film lack depth and believability. The hurdles and roadblocks introduced by the director fail to create a genuine sense of challenge, and certain comedic sequences appear forced. The performances of Balu Varghese, Urvashi, and Kalaiyarasan are notable, but overall, the movie doesn’t effectively leverage their talents. The inclusion of certain characters seems unnecessary, and the script could benefit from stronger conflicts to enhance excitement and engagement for the audience.

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Charles Enterprises MovieCast, Crew & Details

Subhash Lalitha Subrahmanian

Ajith Joy


Shebin Benson ,Guru Somasundaram


Release Date
May 19,2023

2 hours 10 minutes

CinematographySwaroop Philip

KV Subramanian

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