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Suresh Gopi Faces Criticism From DYFI In Kerala

In a recent development, the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) has expressed its concern over BJP leader Suresh Gopi’s alleged disrespectful behavior towards labeling it as an insult to the cultural values of Kerala. On Facebook, DYFI further criticized Suresh Gopi, describing him as a “cinematic clown” in the state.

According to DYFI, Suresh Gopi’s actions exemplify a hypocritical mindset, particularly in his treatment of a journalist. The organization has voiced its discontent through a Facebook post, characterizing his attitude towards the journalist as a manifestation of the deteriorating state of politics.The DYFI state secretariat has gone a step further by calling for stringent legal action against Suresh Gopi for his alleged disrespect towards the journalist. This development underscores the rising tension and scrutiny surrounding Suresh Gopi’s conduct in Kerala

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