Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Acknowledges Mistakes With Windows Phone

Once upon a time, Microsoft’s ‘Windows Phones’ were seen as formidable challengers to Android and iOS devices. However, in recent years, Windows OS phones have become increasingly rare. Microsoft halted phone manufacturing in 2017 and ceased software support in 2020, leaving a bittersweet memory for those who once used Lumia phones. Some users still hold onto their cherished Lumia devices running on Windows 10.Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s third CEO, has openly admitted to the company’s missteps with Windows Phones. He concedes that the decision to abandon Windows Phone was a mistake. In an interview with Business Insider, when asked if Microsoft’s foray into the phone business was an error, he candidly expressed his thoughts.

“One of the most challenging decisions I had to make as CEO was discontinuing the production of phones, which were very popular at the time,” Nadella reflected. “In hindsight, I believe we could have found a way to make it a success by reimagining the computing landscape, bridging the gap between computers, tablets, and phones.” Nadella’s remarks refer to his decision to write off Microsoft’s $7.6 billion acquisition of Nokia’s phone business.While this admission dates back some time, it underscores the CEO’s grand ambitions for the future of Windows Phones. As he noted, Microsoft aspired to modernize the computing ecosystem by integrating tablets, phones, and PCs. One can’t help but wonder how much better the Lumia smartphones of today could have been, especially with the advent of Windows 11, which brought significant changes to the OS’s look and feel.

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