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Supriya Menon’s heartfelt note about Prthviraj’s dedication to Aadujeevitham

Prithviraj’s transformation for Aadujeevitham is the talk of the social media now, Aadujeevitam is currently doing well in theaters with great response from the audience, on this one occasion a post shared by his wife Supriya Menon about Prithviraj is going viral on social media,

the post:How would you describe the journey of 16 years which will end tomorrow.I’ve known since 2006 November and been married to him since 2011. I have seen him thru many many films. But nothing like this ever before. I’ve seen you thru the crazy fasting days where you’ve been Hangry constantly, watch you drop weight, feel too tired and weak. When the whole world was together during covid, we were apart, talking thru patchy internet during the few precious seconds when you had enough bandwidth in the desert camp. The missed opportunities in various other languages due to this one film. Thru it all you maintained focus, this was the journey you chose to undertake for the sake of art and all that it stood for you.

Along with blessy and all the others you took this journey featuring mind, body and spirit to embody the life of one man on screen. As all your efforts draw to a fruition tomorrow ( 28th March) I have only one thing to say, the dedication that you show is unparalleled and unmatched in my eyes. And I wish you all the success and love from the people at large who watch this beautiful piece of art. You always are The G.O.A.T in my eyes!

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