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Sobhana at first time introduced her life to the fans through a video.


Shobhana, the beloved actress of Malayalees, is proving that she is not only a dancer and an actress but also a good reader. Shobhana reveals that she is also a good read through her latest Instagram post. Shobhana is introducing her home books to her fans through an Instagram video. Books on story, poetry, novel, dance, music, and cooking are introduced to the fans through the Shobhana video. Shobhana first introduces some of the books that dance students should read. Shobhana then introduces some good novels, poetry books, cookbooks, and music books.Sobhana at first time introduced her life

Shobhana is very active on Instagram. Shobhana regularly shares dance videos, dance rehearsal videos, and short classes for dance learners on Instagram. Shobhana’s dance videos will soon be picked up by fans. Fans have also taken to the new video. Many have commented that the brilliance that comes with reading is a great inspiration.

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