Shobhana speaks to Narayani in Malayalam, fans requesting Shobhana to show her face


Shobhana has always been the favourite actress of Malayalees. Many of the films in Tamil and Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada and Hindi and in English. Shobhana, who came to Malayalam as a heroine at the age of fourteen, left the film industry in the meantime but was active in dance. Although the actress, who loves dance as much as her soul, remains unmarried, she is now sharing beautiful moments with her daughter Anantha Narayani, who is also the mother of a baby girl. Shobhana adopted a baby girl in 2010. Shobhana recently shared a few pictures with the baby on Instagram. After this, Shobhana shared a few moments with her daughter as a video. Shobhana shared Narayani’s study time video.

Shobhana asks her daughter where the book is and whether the exam parts have been updated. Shobhana also says in the video that all parents should give their children an adequate education and that is the most important thing. Shobhana also made it clear that education should not be just a part of status. Fans say that the laughter at the end of looking at her daughter broke it. Besides, talking to her daughter in Malayalam has made the fans happy.