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She has never said this about her husband Vignesh on any platform! Always thought to say, Nayan Thara

Fans call Nayanthara as Lady Superstar of Tamil. Apart from cinema, Nayanthara is also growing in business. The actress started more than one business last year.
One of these was the launch of a skin care brand called 9 Skin. Another is Femi 9, a sanitary napkin company. Nayanthara is one of the business owners of these companies. Nayanthara’s words at the success event of Femi 9 brand are getting attention now. Nayantara says that her husband Vignesh Shivan has a lot to do with her achievements in life. Usually we hear that behind every man there is a woman, but behind every successful woman today, says Nayanthara, there is definitely a man. He has been making films for many years. It was during this time that she met her husband Vignesh Shivan. Met and later got married. Ever since he met Vignesh Shivan, he has told him that he wants to do great things from then on.

Nayantara also says that Vignesh never once asked her why she was doing this. Earlier, he thought that if such questions were not asked, it was a big deal. But more than that, Vignesh Sivan is the one who says why aren’t you doing this, you still have a lot to do,” said Nayanthara. She has never spoken about her husband in any platform, but she thinks she should, but she never got the chance. But Nayantara says that she told you because you feel like family. Nayantara also talked about Femi 9 brand. Nayanthara talked a lot about Gomati, one of the owners of Femi 9. A woman’s mind will tell you to understand another woman. The biggest example of that is our favorite Gomati Maam. The Femi Healthcare launched by them is here with you as Femi 9. This bond is considered very important. We think we should show more social responsibility. It’s business for everyone. Nayanthara says isn’t it good that you all get money at home and women don’t have to ask their husbands or fathers for money so you can do your own things. And the star also spoke to the women about the health of autumn.

It seems that many women are not aware of menstrual health. There was no talk of menstruation or sanitary napkins. They were told to buy sanitary napkins by any other name. Today we have so many men on this stage that say sanitary napkin. Nayantara also pointed out that she thinks that is a big change. Nayantara also stated that Femi 9 is targeting women’s health beyond business. Dr. Gomati is one of the owners of Femi 9. Nayanthara, who has the reputation of being a lady superstar, is focusing more on Tamil films after the film Jawaan. After the film Jawaan, opportunities came from Bollywood but the actor turned it down.

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