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Nayanthara And Vignesh Unveil Adorable Glimpses Of Uir And Ulakam On Their First Birthday Celebration

Nayanthara and Vignesh Sivan delighted their fans by revealing the faces of their beloved children, Uyir and Ulakam, during their joyful first birthday celebration. The proud parents shared a heartfelt note and a precious family picture to mark this special occasion. Since the birth of Uyir and Ulakam, Nayanthara and Vignesh have centered their world around their children, frequently sharing endearing pictures and videos of their little ones. Even Nayanthara’s recent debut on Instagram featured a touching video montage showcasing moments with her cherished duo.


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Over the past year, the couple had kept their children’s faces private, but on the twins’ first birthday on September 26, they chose to share their joy with the world. The celebration took place in Malaysia, where Vignesh Sivan expressed his deep love for his children through heartfelt lyrics for a song portraying the beautiful bond between father and son.In their celebratory note, Vignesh conveyed that their love for Uyir and Ulakam is beyond words, emphasizing how their children have brought immeasurable happiness into their lives. He expressed gratitude for their presence and concluded by affirming that Uyir and Ulakam are their entire world and a true blessing. Additionally, Vignesh shared precious pictures featuring Nayanthara and their beloved children, capturing the essence of their joyous celebration.

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