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Salman Think Like A Child, But I Am Like A Father ; Shaha Rukh Khan

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are irreplaceable superstars in Bollywood. The fan base of both of them, who are the most valuable stars of Hindi cinema, will be amazing. But the views of both are different. This difference is evident from the behavior of the films chosen. Shahrukh is a star who can take over a stage entirely through speech. The star who becomes everyone’s favorite with his charming demeanor.

But Salman is not like this. Salman Khan is an actor with a bad boy image in Bollywood. Salman, who speaks openly about things, has often been embroiled in controversies. It is alleged that Salman has even tried to destroy the careers of a handful of stars in Bollywood. Even romantic relationships were troubled. The allegations that came during his breakup with Aishwarya Rai took a toll on Salman’s image. Salman and Shah Rukh are close friends today. But there have been problems between the two in the past. For some time both of them did not speak to each other because of this.

In 2008, Salman and Shahrukh attended actress Katrina Kaif’s birthday party. There was a difference of opinion between the two during the party. The problems started when Salman expressed his disagreement with Shahrukh on some issues. Salman had asked Shahrukh if ​​he could do a cameo in his film Main Aur Mrs Khanna. But Shah Rukh was not ready for this. Before that, Salman Khan had a cameo appearance in Shah Rukh Khan’s Om Shanti Om. Shahrukh also participated in a show called Kon Banega Crorepati. But instead, Salman had a grudge for rejecting his invitation. This was expressed during the party. This led to an argument.

Whereas the problems between the two ended in 2013. Now they are best friends.

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