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“Iconic Actor and DMDK Leader Vijayakanth Bids Farewell: A Nation Mourns the Loss of a Charismatic Leader”

Tamil cinema’s former leading actor and DMDK leader, Vijayakanth (71), passed away. He had entered a private hospital in Chennai the previous day and was confirmed to be COVID-19 positive. Despite efforts to stabilize his health, he succumbed to the illness early this morning. The official announcement of his demise came from the hospital authorities today. Vijayakanth, not just a charismatic actor of a bygone era in Tamil cinema but also the founder-leader of DMDK, underwent a transition from the silver screen to politics. Today, the curtain falls on the shining star who once illuminated the world of Tamil cinema.

Having been admitted to the hospital last month due to a bout of illness, he was discharged following an improvement in his condition, but unfortunately, his health took a turn for the worse in recent days. Consequently, he once again sought medical attention at the hospital yesterday. The veteran actor Vijayakanth, aged between 80 and 90, known for his prominent roles in films from the 80s and 90s, including the iconic character ‘Ilamai’ in the movie ‘Ilamai Enum Poongatru,’ continued to be a beloved figure in the film industry. He graced the silver screen with his youthful charm and versatility in roles.

In the film ‘Satham,’ he began his journey as the protagonist, portraying the role of a vigilante. Subsequently, he transitioned into numerous blockbuster films, emerging as a superhero in his own right. In 2015, he delivered his final performance in the movie ‘Satabhama,’ playing the role of a guest star. Before venturing into the film industry, he founded the political party DMDK. Despite facing health issues for an extended period, both in the cinematic and political realms, he stood resilient. Today, the legendary actor bids adieu to the world, leaving behind a legacy that extends beyond the realms of cinema and politics. Heartfelt condolences pour in for this iconic actor from the world of cinema.

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