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Aamir And Daughter Aira Years Spent In Mental Health Treatment

Renowned Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has been open about his ongoing mental health treatment spanning several years. In a recent discussion, Aamir disclosed that both he and his daughter, Aira, have faced mental health challenges and sought professional assistance to navigate these struggles. Aamir Khan emphasized that discussing mental health and seeking treatment is a normal and courageous step, devoid of shame or embarrassment.The actor and his daughter shed light on the significance of seeking professional help for mental health, especially on Mental Health Day. Aamir Khan remarked, “In our lives, there are aspects beyond our control, where seeking guidance from experts is crucial. There’s no reason to hide or be ashamed of it.” Ira Khan, Aamir’s daughter, echoed the sentiment, urging individuals facing physical or mental challenges to consult doctors without hesitation.

Drawing an analogy, they likened seeking mental health support to common practices like going to school for education or visiting a salon for a haircut – highlighting the importance of turning to trained experts for mental well-being. Aamir Khan stressed, “Just as we seek experts for specific needs, approaching trained professionals for mental health is equally vital. If you’re grappling with tension or stress, seeking assistance from a trained professional is highly recommended.”In summary, Aamir Khan’s proactive stance towards mental health normalizes seeking professional help and promotes an environment where individuals can openly discuss and address their mental well-being without fear or stigma.

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