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Rajinikanth Jailer Sets The Box Office On Fire A Detailed Analysis

In an era where the cinema industry is grappling with challenges, from digital streaming platforms to global pandemics, there’s one name that continues to shine bright and defy all odds – Rajinikanth. His latest offering, ‘Jailer’, has once again proven why he’s not just a star, but a phenomenon. From the moment the first show began, it was clear that ‘Jailer’ was not just another film. Theaters across the country witnessed long lines, reminiscent of the golden days of cinema. Fans thronged in large numbers, with many even re-watching the film multiple times, leading to an opening that many films can only dream of.

As per the latest reports, ‘Jailer’ has raked in a staggering amount at the box office, making it one of the highest-grossing films in its opening week. These numbers are not just a testament to Rajinikanth’s star power but also to the compelling storyline, gripping performances, and top-notch production values that the film boasts. It’s not just in India; ‘Jailer’ has been making waves internationally too. With significant collections from overseas markets, the film has truly established Rajinikanth as a global icon. The international media too hasn’t remained untouched by the ‘Jailer’ fever, with many lauding the film for its cinematic brilliance.

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