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Nayanthara’s Mathivadani IAS, Nayans shared her memories


Nayanthara is a favorite actress of South Indian audience. Nayanthara has played different roles in many hit films. One such Tamil film is Aram. Nayanthara is now here to share her memories on six years since the release of Aram. Six years of beloved Aram. Aram is also special,” Nayanthara posted on her Instagram along with a picture of Aram’s character Collector Madhi Vadhani IAS. The film was directed by Gopi Nainar. The news that came out that day was that ‘South Indian actress Nayanthara agreed to act in this film for just five minutes.’ What is special about Gopi Nainar’s film Aram was the question that Aram prepared. Aram was able to garner good response from the audience when Nayanthara played the role of collector Madhiwadhani IAS in the film. Nayanthara’s character in the film, collector Madhivadhani ISS, underscored that Nayanthara did not get the name Lady Superstar for anything.


Nayanthara’s Aram tells the story of a collector who tries to save a village that is suffering due to lack of water. Vignesh Ramesh and Sunu also appeared in the film along with Nayanthara in lead roles. The director of Aram, Gopi Nainar, was the one who came into the mainstream by claiming that AR Murugadoss’ blockbuster Vijay film Kathti had copied his script. If the problems of survival of the farmers, drought and exploitation of the water mafia made Kaththi stand out, then Gopinainar has prepared a socio-political thriller that is strictly political on almost the same topics in a tightly packed manner. The story takes place in a coastal village called Kattoor where there is only salt water no matter where you dig and there is a severe shortage of drinking water.


Aram begins with a senior civil service officer taking evidence before dismissing the suspended District Collector Mathivadani. The charge sheet against the collector is that he defied the system and carried out the execution according to his will. The related events take place in the village of Kattoor.. Kattoor and its problems are brought out through the words of Mativadani.. The film focuses on the couple Yugendran and Sumathi and their children Dhanshika and Muth in Kattoor. It is interesting to note that Gopinainar has approached the age-old issues of water scarcity in a very political manner. Gopinainar prepared the script by removing unnecessary and cinematic elements in 120 minutes. The film’s dialogues, Om Prakash’s camerawork, Reuben’s editing, Gibran’s background music and Peterhein’s passionate scenes have all become assets to Aram. Along with Nayanthara, the performance of Ramachandran Durairaj, Sunulakshmi and all the villagers in the film was tremendous. It is noteworthy that Vignesh and Ramesh, who came as crows, are coming together on screen once again.

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