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Everyone has their own freedom, Finally Lena responded

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Lena is the star who reached the big screen through the mini screen and became the favorite of the audience. Lena, who took a break from acting in the meantime, came back strongly. Lena was able to find a place of her own through different characters on her comeback. Lena was also very active on social media during the Covid era. Lena, who turned to the spiritual path, recently released a book titled ‘Autobiography of God’. The book is all about soul and self-realization. As part of this, all the recent interviews given by the actor went viral on social media. The actor talked about mental health and past births. When Lena said that she was a Buddhist monk in her previous life and lived to the age of 63, it got a lot of attention on social media. Lena had previously said that she does not get involved in any controversy and does not want to interfere in a person’s affairs. In an interview with an online media, Lena said that she always has no opinion about what the rest of them are doing and no media ever calls her asking about that.

Lena says that she does not get involved in any controversy. Because he doesn’t pay attention to anything the other person does and doesn’t try to interfere. Actually I have no opinion about it. Because everyone has their own freedom. It is up to them to decide what to do. There is no need to comment on it. Others have the right to say so. Lena also says that this is her point of view. I am not in any controversy because of this one thing. He gets calls from many media asking for his opinion. He will then be clear and say that he has no opinion why no one is calling from the media now and I have no opinion on what the rest are doing. Lena says there is no compulsion for critics to listen to her.

Lena Kumar

“What I am saying is neither political nor religious. I am someone who does not follow any religion. But all religious people are in my family. I am someone who grew up seeing the harmony of all religions and religious people. That’s why I got more curious about this thing again. This investigation of mine comes from the thought of why many religions do not all lead to one. Talking about the previous life, first we had an iPhone 5 and then we started an iCloud to store photos on it. Over time, when we reach iPhone 15, we use that same cloud storage. There’s no need to start all over, assuming it’s a new phone. The stuff inside will keep evolving. These phones are our bodies, and it is this connection that makes them all the same phones. So is the previous birth. The mind has nothing to do with the body. So we all have a past life. In my previous life I was a Buddhist monk. Lived to the age of 63. I have no obligation to listen to my critics. Let them forget it and do what they want, I’m not breaking into anyone’s house, I’m just saying this,’ said Lena. In any case, Lena is the target of social trolls

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