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Mohanlal with a reply to those who make criticism

mohanlal about criticism

Often many bad writings against actor Mohanlal appear on social media. Criticizing Mohanlal, making fun of Mohanlal’s film and accusing him, all of these are often posted on social media. Mohanlal is probably the most criticized actor on social media. But Mohanlal’s films being closely related is also an issue for his critics. Many people criticize Mohanlal on this issue. There are many discussions on social media that Mohanlal’s movies are bad and Mohanlal doesn’t know how to act anymore.

But Mohanlal has not responded on this issue till now. Today there is a situation where even fans turn their backs and blame Mohanlal. Actor Mohanlal is going through the worst times of his career. Because of that, the number of critics is more for the actor. But now Mohanlal has come up with an answer to the critics. Mohanlal clarified this matter in an interview. If someone called me and asked me if I had seen it, I would say no.

I don’t read stuff like that. If I read it, I will feel bad about it. Or if I read it, you will leave it at that. Those are the things that someone writes in their feelings of that day. If those writers get happiness by writing like that, let them get it. That’s all I can say. Other than that, what more can I say on this topic? This is a platform where anyone can say anything openly. It can be used in a good way and it can be used in a bad way. Mohanlal says that if these writers think for themselves and change, let them change.

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