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Mohanlal Honors Late Actor Kundara Johny

In a somber moment of reflection, Mohanlal, a beloved figure in the Indian film industry, paid tribute to the late and acclaimed actor, Kundara Johnny. Remembering their deep friendship, Mohanlal expressed the sorrow of bidding farewell to a dear friend. Despite often portraying the antagonist in films, Johnny was characterized as a gentle and kind-hearted individual in real life.

“Goodbye dear Johnny. We shared the screen in numerous movies, each time donning roles of authority and power. Yet, beyond the characters he played, he embodied a warm and gentle soul, my cherished Johnny. Losing one of my closest friends is indeed a painful experience,” remarked Mohanlal.The renowned actor passed away the previous night at a private hospital in Kollam, succumbing to a heart attack. Initially hospitalized due to chest pain, Johnny’s life could not be saved despite medical efforts. With a prolific career spanning over 100 films, Johnny gained prominence for his compelling portrayals of villains on screen. His cinematic journey commenced with the movie “Nityavasantham” released in 1979 and included successful ventures like “Kirayam,” “Chegol,” “Aram Tampuran,” and “Godfather.” “Meppadiyan” marked his final cinematic appearance, leaving behind a lasting legacy in the world of cinema.

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