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Mammootty Kannur Squad Storms Into The 50 Crore Club

Mammootty’s latest venture, ‘Kannur Squad,’ has swiftly climbed into the prestigious 50 crore club, not only dominating the box office in Kerala but also making waves globally. The film made its much-anticipated debut on the big screen on September 28 and has been met with a resounding positive reception from the audience, even without extensive promotional campaigns. Directed by Robbie Varghese Raj, with a screenplay crafted by his brother Ronnie and friend Mohammad Shafi, ‘Kannur Squad’ stands as another successful production under Mammootty’s own banner, Mammootty Company. This comes after a line of triumphs like ‘Nanpakal Nereth Mayakkum,’ and ‘Kathal,’ showcasing the prowess of the production house. Adding to the glory, Dulquer’s Wayfarer has played a pivotal role in bringing this compelling narrative to life.

Mammootty takes the lead as George Martin in ‘Kannur Squad,’ a character that has captured the audience’s imagination. The film boasts a talented ensemble cast including Kishore Kumar, Vijayaraghavan, Aziz Nedumangad, Sabreesh, Ronnie David, Manoj KU, Arjun Radhakrishnan, Deepak Parambol, Dhruvan, Shebin Benson, Sreekumar, and many more. Each character in the ‘Kannur Squad’ is intricately crafted, adding a unique flavor to the plot. Those who have had the opportunity to watch the film rave about how the case investigation elements have significantly heightened the excitement and thrill in ‘Kannur Squad,’ making it an enthralling cinematic experience.

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