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I’m not young! aged ten and ninety; Full applause for Mammootty’s words

Megastar Mammootty, the Malayalee’s favorite actor, is once again shining on social media. Mammootty, who came to participate in the closing session of the State School Arts Festival organized at the Kollam Ashram grounds yesterday, is now going viral on social media. Mammootty was talking on the stage and there was a lot of rain, and the actor mentioned this in his speech. In any case, it can be said that Mammootty’s speech got the people excited. The megastar spoke on the stage about Mammootty’s coming to the event and the clothes he planned to wear. These words are now going viral. Let’s see what those words mean. When I was invited to the conclusion of this school youth festival, I first thought that it was a youth festival and what was the point of people like me among these young people. The minister insisted that you are the right person for this program. He discovered that I was young.

But it is in sight. Age ten and ninety. Anyway, when I decided to come, I saw a video. It says what kind of clothes Mammootty will come to this event. Pants and shirts were already prepared for him to become a young man. I thought I could add a cooling glass if needed. So when everything is ready, watch this video. All of them thought that I would come in a white shirt and a tunic. Similarly, Mammootty has shown in front of Sadhus that he is wearing a white shirt and shirt. The children accepted the actor’s words with full applause. In the morning I had left the white shirt and the trunk in the selection of clothes. I have only managed to live up to your expectations. But when I see such a huge crowd, I feel a little scared, says Mammootty. One should make you all happy with my words. Two rains are rolling in front of us.

I am also afraid that something will happen when these people run here and there frantically when it rains. So I’m not going to bore you with a long rant. The school is not like the one I attended. I have school till class 10th. Now up to class 12th. In my time, the senior students in class 12th are the undergraduate students. Their art shows were staged here. Many people have been successful in it. Some were unsuccessful. These failures should not affect our artistic activities. The main reason is that the performance we present is only one. Nothing is going to happen to us thinking that its successes and failures did not come with others. It only needs to be polished and polished to become a great artist. So there are still opportunities for the winners and losers. I’m the one who can’t attend a university youth festival. I can stand before you like that. When I was in college, I used to get my last smoke when I got to class by lighting a cigarette from the gate gate. I don’t even know who has smoked that one cigarette till then. There may be those who think that discrimination is necessary. But it has not affected us as students. Mammootty says that I believe that even today our students have not been affected by it.

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